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What is the Wales Festival of Innovation?

The Wales Festival of Innovation is a 2-week showcase of Welsh innovation and entrepreneurship. Events are curated and developed by businesses, innovators and academics wanting to present their product, service, and research developments to the Welsh innovation landscape.

Why host an event?

We are looking for innovators, academics and business leaders to host events during the festival, whether that be events developed specially for the festival or pre-organised events; as long as there is a focus on innovation! Organising an event will give you the opportunity to network with industry experts and showcase your innovation to potential customers and the public. Co-branding your event as part of the Wales Festival of Innovation will amplify awareness of you and your activity. Furthermore, we will support you in reaching new and wider audiences. To take part complete the events form and we will be in touch.

Why attend the festival?

  • Experience new technology developed and made in Wales
  • Learn about the inspiring innovations, cutting-edge academic research and world-leading companies on your doorstep
  • Enjoy a huge range of events, from hands-on technology demonstrations to company tours, virtual-reality experiences to national innovation awards